Gemawan encourage the establishment of Documentation and Information Management Officer in North Kayong District

PPID Kayong Utara

Sukadana (gemawan news)- implementation of public information enclosure laws will impact on management system and management of public institutions in particular on work pattern, information and data flows between  work units in each public institution. In order to perform fast, proper and simple information service, each public service should appoint a Documentation and Information Management (PPID).

It’s spelled out in Regulation No. 61 Year 2010 on the implementation of law No. 14 Year 2008 on public information enclosure, as conveyed by M. Isa from Lembaga Gemawan on Coordination Meeting of Establishment of PPID in North Kayong District. Lembaga Gemawan will continue to encouraging the preparation of PPID establishment in North Kayong District.

“Various activity related to PPID will continue to be carried with involvement of agencies, public, media and local NGOs” M Isa said. Hermawansyah also said bureaucratic reform to ensure accountability of government with PPID instrument. “Lembaga Gemawan commitment on PPID and will certainly continue by held some activity till the establishment of PPID. “Last month we have done workshop on PPID” Hermawansyah said. Related to technical of PPID establishment, Department of Transportation, Communication and Information has plans to socialization the PPID in government of North Kayong related to the establishment of PPID, which is in each department should has supporting PPID and must be synchronize with main PPID.

“in early November, we planning to disseminate PPID. Draft from department of Transportation, Communication and Information about PPID had been sent to law section” Rusli from Department of Transportation, Communication and Information said.


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