Second Conference of STSD’s farmers held

Sambas, Gemawannews – To date, approximately 60 % of total population in Indonesia are farmers. Farmers are the community who makes land and natural resources as a main production factor to meet their livelihood needs. Farmers prove their loyalty and liveliness in promoting people until the farmers can be the teacher of change.

As a peak of consolidation to strengthen and broaden the farmers union, Serikat Tani Serumpun Damai (STSD) implemented the second conference. STSD -which built on 23 March 2008- now has been three years old. The conference held in Parit Cegat Hamlet of Piantus Village of Sambas district (23-26/4).

The participants were the representatives of branch from several villages. There were 40 farmers represented 10 branchs. In four-day conference, the participants discussed about the articles of association, direction and outline of program, board, as well as working program of STSD for the next three years.

According to Alimi, the executive committee of conference, STSD in Sambas district was established based on goals and objectives of farmers to live politically sovereign, economic well-being, and culturally progressive. In order to realize those goals, farmers make STSD as means of a common struggle.

“Many activities implemented in STSD, the improvement of farmers capacity through the education of organizing as well as training of farming skill that we always performed. Today’s conference answered problems faced by the farmers nowadays,” ended Amin. (zn)

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