They are not the decision makers


In order to create the harmony between the society and government. The government of North Kayong tries to connect it by empowering the local society to be the village assistant who has an important role in coordinating between the government’s interest and the society.


In order to have mutual connection, then the village assistant is established. They are taken from respectively their villages, so they are very aware about their village situation and condition which all the time still perceived far from the reach of government hand.

Hildi Hamid hopes that the village assistant will create a new discourse for the development of North Kayong, because the success of a district can not be separated from the improvement of living standard in the village. But he warns that the village assistants are not the person who has authority to take the decision.

“They are not the decision makers,” but they lead the society about how to create a mutual decision for common advancement and not contrary to the existing legal rules which finally able to bring the advancement to the village itself.

To provide the training for the village assistants, Gemawan as a non profit organization is involved, and at this time Ireng Maulana becomes the leader. In the training of village assistant, Ireng expected that all young village assistants are able to provide a significant change for the development of North Kayong.

Moreover, this program is a courageous breakthrough conducted by the government of Hildi Hamid. There has been no single region which employs asisstants in each villages, and if it is succeeded it can be a role model for every regions in developing their villages, but it is not a problem if it is not succeeded because the development needs a courageous inovation from a leader.

Because a new breakthrough conducted by a leader is a society ideal who all the time does not perceive any change from their leader despite the alternated leaders.

In the first day training, Ireng tries to disclose the old mindset with a proper mindset, in which the society reserve to know everything about the leader has done for the society advancement. Ireng also emphasized that the village assistants are not leaders who take their own decision, but they assist the society in providing an understanding about how the procedure of village government runs.

All insights and understanding of village governance structure are all devoured by those village assistants. After listening to what should be the tast of village officials, they were shouting that they perceived all the time the officials do not run their duties  properly, only a few of them who work properly.

Motivated to bring change, then they are more enthusiastic to attend the training of village forest, all matarials are conveyed. The motivation of change that makes the village generation are enthusiastic to bring the change for village after having the training.


It is expected to provide a new discourse.

In the closing night, the Head of North Kayong District Hildi Hamid has a chance to close the training of village assistant. And once more he emphasized that the village assistants are not the decision makers, but they lead, give a suggestion and input to the society and policy makers about what the village has to do to improve the existing resources.

Hildi expected that there are village assistants who can provide and create a new discourse in the development of North Kayong. This eagerness is positively welcomed by the participant, they are committed to give their best for the North Kayong started from the village.

The village assistants are eventually synergized with the agricultural extension officer, the officer of auxiliary village clinic and society. In order not to be a problem in the future.

Meanwhile, after a full week the village assistants obtain the training provided by the facilitator of Lembaga Gemawan Pontianak, a strong desire arises from themselves to change the existing mechanism in the village, they think about what have been conveyed by the facilitator is very contrary to the actual situation. And it is being a mutual willpower to return the mechanism which has been wrong to the right path in accordance with the applicable regulations. (Sugeng Mulyono)

Source:, Jumat, 3 dan 9 Januari 2009



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