Political Party Must Prioritize RTRWP


Pontianak (Gemawannews)- The ongoing discussion of Provincial Spatial Planning of West Kalimantan should be a priority issue for political party. The spatial planning issue tends to be left aside from political issue as it is not related to election, and formal democracy process.

Actually the spatial planning issue belongs to constituent, it is the struggle of their area, spatial planning talks about land, river, forest, and physical development in the next twenty years, as stated by Gemawan Director Laili Khairnur on Focus Group Discussion about “Role and Contribution of Political Party in the Policy of Provincial Spatial Planning of West Kalimantan,” Monday (28/01).

Laily regretted, the spatial planning issue hasn’t been an important issue in the political party. The political party seems surreptitious, there is no issue until civil society conducts the campaign. “Are we ill-informed? or the party doesn’t have communication channel for this issue?,” she asked.

We hope this discussion finds or obtains work synergy that will be conducted by civil society with the party in the future, Laili hoped.

The Deputy Chairman of Special Committee for Spatial Planning Sy. Izhar Asyyuri stated that substantially the committee waits for a regulation which still needs a detail and depth discussion. “Including the local regulation of spatial planning emphasizes on the substance of forestry, important to conclude at first,” Izhar explained.

“Based on our observation, many parts of regulation still need to be discussed, sharpened, and answered, we don’t want conversion as stated by the coalition. If there is an effort of conversion, feel free to let us know, show the location to company if needed,” Izhar eagerly argued.

He appended, for the process of spatial planning, the integrated team has conveyed it to the Minister of Forestry, but it is still on the Minister’s desk which causes West Kalimantan hasn’t got schedule as we have asked to the Public Work Agency acting as the leading sector for spatial planning.

We also hoped information sharing, this meeting is a good opportunity for us to find the root of spatial planning issue. “The spatial planning has come to final at the integrated team level but it still at special committee,” Izhar affirmed.

If we obtain the forestry substance from the team, we suggesst to implement a workshop on March, where we can invite the local government and all stakeholders, this politician of PAN said.

He also explained the role of political party in the spatial planning issue, the party should not find issue about spatial planning, then the party has had obligation to know when it is being asked.

The spatial planning is about people’s livelihood, I see many land uses has been converted, the representative of PKB Yanto Bujang complained.

“For instance, many farmland in village has been converted into palm oil plantation, this is what vigorously happened. We totally support the coalition’s work in addressing the spatial planning issue,” he said.

The discussion was attended by the representative of some organizations incorporated in Coalition of Civil Society fo Just and Sustainable Spatial Planning, the deputy chairmain of spatial planning special committed Sy. Izhar Asyyuri also attended representing the committee team, and the political party represented by three parties namely Halim Wijaya from Partai Persatuan Pembangunan (PPP), Sesep from Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) and Yanto Bujang from Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa (PKB).  (Joy)

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